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Andy has recently been described by [Muzik]* magazine as "London's local hero" for his remix work as one half of bad-boy-two-step-garage outfit, DnD. This accolade has not gone to his head mind, you can still find Andy ruffing-it in the public houses of Bromley most Friday and Saturday nights. The silver haired badger is often found approaching young girls with the opening line '"do you know who I am?".
Andy 'Fierce' Colver is also respected on the house circuit - he has
graces top venues, such as Bagleys, Leisure Lounge, Club UK and the Ministry of Sound. Oh, and not forgetting Hollywoods in Romford! On his travels,
'Fierce' has dj'd in Aija Napa and Ibiza, and recently turned down the Ministry's millennium Dome NYE bash because he "couldn't be ars*d". So there you have it - whether it is churning-out dodgy garage music "for the kids", or playing seductive house sets for the laydeeez, Andy Colver always hits the spot!
*not sure if that's the right mag (could be mixmag).